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Newest Arrivals

Custom Hammers Now Available!

Build your own custom hammer including colored handles and grips!  Mix and Match M1 & M4 parts.

Clear/Color Grips Now In Stock

Get the new clear/color grips here. The new grips feature a clear overlay over Green, Black, Red or Orange.

Titanium Nail Pullers Now Available

12” Titanium Nail Puller, light weight, ergonomic feel, two traditional nail pullers on each end.

M79 Sledge Heads Now Available

The M79 Sledge Head is equivalent to a 2 lb sledge hammer and is another interchangeable head that fits both the M1 and M4 handles.

Pre-Release Product Registrations

Titanium Martinez Square Pre-Release Registration Form

Tool creator Mark Martinez (designer and originator of the first Titanium Hammers) brings to the internet market a hammer that’s sleeker and stronger than the competition.

Featuring top of the line concepts and materials. 100% made in the U.S.A.

Embrace the new era of tools. Get a Martinez Hammer today.

How the New Martinez Hammer Technology Works