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TIC visits Mark Martinez to see what’s behind his extraordinary striking tools and the man himself–a legend in the world of hammers and prybars. Visit to read the full article.




Cool New Hammers from Martinez Tool Company

The inventor of the all-titanium hammer’s next creations–wood and titanium handled hammers with removable steel heads. Seen at the 2017 World of Concrete.



tott-logoTools of the Trade – Editors’ Choice Awards 2017

The M1 framing hammer is included in a roundup of the 14 most interesting and innovative products of the year.

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JULY, 2017

FHBTwo Excellent Martinez Framing Hammers

Check out this quick video review of two new hammers from the founder of Stiletto.

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APRIL, 2017

tott-logoField Tested: The Martinez M1 Titanium-Handled Hammers

Mark Martinez, the inventor of the Stiletto TiBone, has a new hammer out, and as Tim Uhler sees it, Martinez has upped his previous invention in several ways.

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MARCH, 2017

This Old House – Best New Home Products 2017

America’s most trusted home improvement brand picks the best products of the year and the M1 Titanium Framing Hammer made the list!

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CORE77 – Martinez Tool Company’s Modular Hammer

From the inventor of the all-titanium hammer—a system for quickly swapping steel heads on wood and titanium handles.

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